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Stamped Concrete

Stamped Concrete

Looking for stamped concrete in Charlotte? Do you need a concrete contractor to pour your driveway? No problem! We are Charlotte’s best stamped concrete contractor. We specialize in stamped concrete, stained concrete, and concrete refinishing. We work in Charlotte and all the surrounding areas. Our knowledgeable staff are licensed and insured and are here to help. We have decades of experience pouring concrete. Stamped Concrete turns plain old cement into a beautiful concrete decoration.

There are a lot of great building materials available. There are pavers, concrete, stone, brick, and slate. There are several great things about stamped concrete… It looks and feels as good as any of the others and has the durability of regular concrete. Charlotte folks know us for being the best stamped concrete contractor around.

We understand the value of stamped concrete. Many sources say that Charlotte leads the country in architectural concrete and stamped concrete. The homeowners and businesses understand the value that decorative concrete provides. Also, it’s less expensive than competing building products, such as stone, pavers or bricks.

You should choose a great concrete contractor like Charlotte Stamped Concrete. We offer a wide variety of styles, patterns, colors, and textures. Our installers are experienced because they have been doing this for a long time.

Consider stamped concrete if you’re thinking about building or replacing your patio, pavement, sidewalk, or driveway. The material is visually appealing and lasts a lifetime. The stamped concrete looks and feels like high-end products such as natural stone and pavers, but doesn’t have that price tag. The cost-effectiveness makes it very attractive.

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Stained Concrete

Concrete Staining

Charlotte Stamped Concrete also offers concrete stain services to homeowners and local business owners. Our concrete staining system really provides a special look. We will bring a stunning finished look to your concrete flooring or driveway. Ask one of our experienced team members on how to get the perfect look with a mix of different stains.

If you use a concrete stain on polished concrete, the floor will have a rock or marble feel. All of this is only a fraction of the marble expense. Call the specialists at Charlotte Stamped Concrete if you are interested in learning more about unique staining products.

In addition, only an acid-based stain is added on a concrete surface. Each section would look unique because the color is different for every piece of concrete. The most popular staining creates warm earthy tones for concrete. Stain manufacturers have broadened their available colors but the delicate shades still have the best appearance. Concrete staining makes a lovely floor. Concrete now has a huge variety of colors, texture and finishes. This is a versatile product that lasts.

Concrete Contractor

stamped concrete patio

Most folks don’t realize that it’s not an easy task to find a reputable concrete contractor. Many things, including job quality and experience, should be taken into consideration. You should ask the right questions before deciding who is going to be your concrete contractor.

Have you met your contractor? You will want to search for contractors with more than 5 years of experience. They typically have been around long enough to provide outstanding services.

Does your contractor have a great website? Think this way, business owners who invest in themselves and appreciate their company will respect your property.

Upfront pricing is an essential element in any relationship with your home service providers. A reputable concrete company provides free estimates to ensure confidence. They should also be able to provide a ballpark figure just from looking at the project.

Insurance Coverage – You don’t want a contractor working on your home that doesn’t have insurance. It’s important for both you the consumer and the contractor.
Charlotte Stamped Concrete is a concrete contractor with over 10 years of experience. We are proud of our excellent workmanship, our professional team members and our long list of satisfied customers that prove our value as a service provider.

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Concrete Pavers 

Concrete pavers are stronger than their poured cement counterparts because they’re built in a smaller mould. They can expand and contract with cracking. That would most likely crack a regular concrete slab. Once the are laid out, you don’t have to worry about them. Pavers should be there forever.

You can mix and match concrete pavers making the customization options endless. Concrete pavers come in a variety of shapes, colors, and styles. Use your inner artist and design a unique driveway, patio or walkway at your home. Concrete pavers aren’t going to drain your bank account just because they are so durable and last. Their cost is less than many other building materials when trying to achieve the same thing. Pavers should last for 30+ years, as long as they are handled correctly. Another great thing is if a few do get damaged, they can easily be replaced.

If you are looking for great solution to build your patio or driveway, don’t forget to ask about concrete pavers. If you have more questions about pavers remember we are to help! Give us a call.

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Stamped Concrete Patio
Stamped Concrete Patio

Stamped Concrete Patio

Thinking about renovating your patio? There are several materials to build your patio out of. None have the strength and curb appeal of a stamped concrete patio.

  • Unique designs and styles – Tinted concrete is poured into the form the stamp is actually applied after. Custom unique designs can be done or a pattern stamp can be used. There are endless possibilities for your stamped concrete patio. We can complement your home’s architecture with one of our stamped concrete designs.

  • Longer Life – Stamped Concrete Patios aren’t just beautiful to look at. They are strong and built to last so you can enjoy them for years to come. A stamped patio is not like some other patio building materials that could actually sink or become unlevel. These types of patios can withstand just about anything your kids or company could possibly throw at them. You don’t have to worry about these types of patios.

  • Easily Installed – Besides plain concrete, stamped concrete is one of the easiest building materials to install. Many times pavers and patios in natural stone can be quite difficult and take longer. There is no comparison of natural stone patios vs. stamped concrete pricing. You will enjoy your new backyard in a few days an affordable stamped concrete patio.

  • Reasonably Priced – A stamped concrete patio, given its esthetic quality and sturdy design, should be quite costly right? Wrong, it isn’t. Stamped concrete prices are more manageable than other patio solutions. The method of construction is simpler and the materials used are cheaper.

Convinced about getting a new concrete patio? Call us today or fill out the form and we can get you scheduled for an appointment.

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Concrete Driveway
Stained Concrete

Don’t forget about your driveway. After all, when someone drives up, that is the first thing they see. Just like your landscaping, the driveway tells a lot about a homeowner. A few people prefer gravel or stone, but we believe a concrete driveway is the best solution.

Stick to concrete driveways if you’re looking to add curb appeal. Gravel driveways are perfect for a rural setting, but it’s a different story if you live in the city. In particular, a concrete driveway adds beauty to your house.

The normal wear and tear of any road surface are a part of concrete driveways. Concrete stays strong in many extreme conditions and climates. Compared to asphalt or gravel, which need to be resurfaced from time to time, concrete driveways can last up to 30 or more years. They are low maintenance only requiring a broom or blower to keep them clean.

Whatever the home’s construction or layout, concrete driveways will always work to improve its quality. Let experts from Charlotte Stamped Concrete help you to realize your dream home.

Stained Concrete Floors

Stained Concrete Floors have great benefits and many strengths. Whether the concrete is new or old, it can be stained after it is cleaned and polished. Stained concrete floors are a great option for both their beauty and their affordability.

Durability is one of the benefits of stained concrete floors. Concrete staining is a great finishing option that is long-lasting. It’s not known to chip, fade, or peel wither. It can also be finished with epoxy or urethane. This will make your new floor just about bulletproof.

Would you like to think about low-cost flooring? Concrete stain is very cost-effective. In large areas and commercial areas, this concrete flooring approach is most effective.

Stained concrete floors offer a lovely finish. Concrete stain transforms a standard dull look of raw concrete into a beautiful thing. Get the pricey marble feel or even glazed stone look.

Low maintenance is one of the best benefits of stained concrete. Concrete polishing produces a smooth surface. It’s both easy to clean and only requires a wet mop. Unless you’re in HVAC you probably don’t worry too much about indoor air quality. Stained concrete floors don’t trap allergens or pollen.

Concrete Floor

Concrete Floor

Many homeowners and business owners can create a viable but beautiful alternative to traditional flooring. These people realized that concrete floors can be a more robust choice. Whether you’re aiming for a classic living-room feel or a sleek kitchenette, this flooring option works anywhere. When the concrete floor is ready, just add some rugs, and you’re good!

Concrete floors are extremely durable and the easiest to clean. All you need to get squeaky clean is a quick mop with very little water. When you maintain a concrete floor correctly, it could last up to 100 years!

You want a trustworthy concrete contractor to set up your concrete floor. Call Charlotte Stamped Concrete. We are proud of our decade-long experience, professional and loyal staff, outstanding performance and competitive pricing.

Concrete Patios

Concrete Patio

A patio for your home is a fantastic addition to the property. It’s pretty hard to argue that a concrete patio is the best choice. If you want to enjoy the open-air as much as we do you’ll need a place to do it. There can be a concrete patio built around your pool, or just a barbeque weekend outdoor area. There’s plenty of ways to build a patio, but concrete is durable. There is almost zero maintenance. The relative affordability makes concrete one of the best materials to use when building your patio.

Concrete patios are very durable and have no problem withstanding effects from harsh weather. You won’t have to worry about concrete in snow, rain, ice, or the blazing summer heat. There are several styles of concrete patios that you could choose from. Our experienced staff is happy to talk to you about concrete options and patio designs. We can tint your concrete to have it match the color of your home. Or we could have it stamped. We can even make it look like brick or natural stone.

Using concrete to build your patio means it is super easy to clean. Rinse it off with a water hose and call it done! Really it is that simple.

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Concrete Resurfacing
Charlotte Concrete Driveway

Concrete surfaces can look dirty or even break over time, particularly when traffic and use increase. We have the perfect solution. The concrete resurfacing process is simply to apply and cost effective. A thin cement-based coating with a special bonding agent is applied. It’s easy and it’s simple.

In fact, concrete resurfacing is cheaper than other alternatives to repairing the concrete. Using this method fixing concrete will save money, time, and labor. You still get the brand new looking concrete, just cost less!

Concrete resurfacing isn’t about doing as much work as installing new concrete. The substance and material is easily dispersed over the concrete surface without re-leveling it.

This process allows us to play with the design, like stamped concrete, and get your concrete to match the exterior of your home. There are different tints available for asthetic purposes.

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