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Concrete Floor

Concrete Floor

Concrete is one of the most robust and effective flooring choices for both residential and commercial premises. It can handle heavy foot traffic and machinery, and fast-paced living. In reality, it could even outlive you. While many people tend to think that concrete is the same old boring and dull floor, there are actually more than a lot of concrete floor finishes which really make it colorful, attractive and valuable. We can attest to that at Charlotte Stamped Concrete.

What are you going to do with your concrete floors?

Add Color. Add life to the gray concrete floor by painting it. Essentially, the coloring is achieved by applying a special liquid or powder to the concrete mis, which may result in a lighter all over the floor surface. If you want a darker shade, a hardener can be speckled across the new concrete surface.

Stain it up. Concrete staining is another way to renovate the concrete floor. Although colored concrete can be created during the floor construction process, staining can be achieved even after the flooring has been formed or installed. It might take a few years to stain and it doesn’t matter at all. If you want to create a whole new identity for your house, call Charlotte Stamped Concrete and we’ll explore your choices.

Stamp it, man! Apart from color and stain, texture can also be produced by concrete stamping. Stamped concrete floors come in many shapes and sizes. Such custom shapes can be painted onto the floor surface to give the floor a unique look. Create marble, tile, stone, and brick images, and at the end of the day, you will have an elegant and attractive concrete floor for both your interior and exterior.

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Concrete Floors Pros and Cons

Charlotte Concrete Floor

You can add a broom to it. Use the broom finish to produce a simple textured feel. It’s done by gently running a broom over a wet concrete. Depending on how hard the bristles are pressed to the surface, the space and overall appearance of the concrete finish can be produced. You can use different brooms to create your desired look. The trick here is to know what result you want to get. Concrete flooring makes a great permanent flooring that lasts a lifetimeand can easily be achieved with some concrete resurfacing.

One of the main advantages of concrete flooring is that you never have to replace it. Usually, other building products used in flooring need to be replaced. Carpet, wood, and sometimes tile. The main thing about using concrete for your floor is, well, it’s hard. If you drop something on a concrete floor, it’s probably going to break. Same for many other forms of flooring, though.

Concrete Floors Charlotte NC

Polished Concrete Floors

You can polish concrete floors. Another very cost-effective method of texturing and refurbishing concrete floors is through polishing. The process usually includes grinding, treatment and polishing to produce a brilliant flooring alternative. It is one of the best contemporary approaches for modern living, as it is easy to install and manage. Essentially, it offers a seamless and clean floor surface that requires only occasional mopping to keep it shiny and polished. No more sloppy waxing. Through sealer application, it effectively protects concrete from dust or allergen formation, making it a safer choice for your loved ones who have allergies.

If you’re all set to make a whole new look for your concrete floor, you know who to call. With our unsurpassable experience, highly qualified technicians, outstanding workmanship and excellent customer service, Charlotte Stamped Concrete will bring your dream home to life. Call us now and we’re going to set up an appointment right away.

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Polished Concrete Floor